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Hey I started a webcomic about 6 months ago with no idea what I was doing, and it never once crossed my mind until now to ask, but what sort of advice do you have for someone just getting into comics? Specifically in the online space. asked by unseenilluminator


1. Webcomics are one of the only places where you can do whatever you want with no one to answer to. Take advantage of it. Do the stories that you’ve always wanted to read but have never been able to find. Don’t make choices just based on what you think will be popular.

2. That said, learning to take criticism is a must! A lot of webcomics criticism is…not exactly constructive, but occasionally there will be a nugget of wisdom. Learn what to take to heart and what’s just noise.

3. Don’t be afraid to learn, experiment, and grow! If it’s your first longform comic, it’s some of the best comics education you can get.

4. This one isn’t applicable to every comic, but it’s important to me: be on time. Especially if you’re just starting out. Figure out your update schedule and stick to it. Have several pages drawn in advance so you’re not working up to the last minute. Updating on time shows your readership that you’re dedicated to the story and that you can consistently be relied upon to provide it. Obviously hiatuses have to happen sometimes, but if you’re new you can lose a lot of readers by not updating consistently when you’re getting started.

5. Keep on truckin’. Do it for the story and not for the fame and mad riches (because uh…there really isn’t any of that). It takes time and patience to build an audience, but having even just a few people care about the story you’re telling is an amazingly rewarding experience.


I had to take some photos of some This One Summer original pages so I thought I’d share them here.

A little status update on the book: the book is available in FrenchItalian, and, soon, Spanish! And you can read the New York Times review here.

Thanks again so much to everyone who has come out to our events, including the recent signing in LA. It means a lot. <3

(You can click on the images for a slightly enlarged view)

I just got this and it was wonderful.





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this reminds me that I am so proud Elmer is being sold in the First World

this reminds me that I am so proud Elmer is being sold in the First World

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Reschedule, Pt. 2. 

So like I said, this chapter of my thesis is taking me way longer to finish than I anticipated, and I haven’t had a lot of time to do any inking. That’s why I decided that I’m gonna bring you this one in short little instalments too. 

It’s not gonna be long like Little Dog, but the next couple of strips will be sequential. 

Pt. 1. 

Goddamn, that second-to-last panel.

As a lifetime comics reader with anger repression issues, I’ve always thought that ‘mild-mannered’ was Comics Code for ‘barely keeping myself from tearing your puny heads off with my superpowers’.


Since I’ve been sort of …’coming out’ about this feels like the wrong phrase, since I’ve never tried to hide it but it’s come up a few times: Hi, I’m Hazel, I started reading Marvel comics 11 months ago, after seeing the Thor film.

This surprises people, primarily because I can bang on about…



OMFG “What Did You Eat Yesterday?” by Fumi Yoshinaga is getting released in English in March I MUST HAVE IT!!!!!!!

q0q you guys should totally read it (here’s some of it scanlated!!) it is such an adorable manga, it’s a slice-of-life series about a middle-aged gay couple (a lawyer and a hair-stylist) and their daily lives, and has a section each chapter or so about the lawyer cooking up awesome food (with cooking tips included!)

I love Fumi Yoshinaga’s work aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Omg thank you thank you thank you for bringing this manga to my attention, it’s wonderful.

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I love Boulet and I love his comics, but fuck.

Watch this asshole draw a fully-rendered, gorgeous webcomic in his damn notebook without a single pencil line laid down. Oh sorry, do I sound angry? I am furious. With envy.

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