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Do you ever just

all the time.



Do you ever just

all the time.

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Do you support webcomics? Take this one question survey:

1. Do you take the RSS feed of over 90 webcomics, rip the images, put them in your Android app, and then put your own advertisements next to them in order to make money?

Congratulations: If you said “Yes”, then NO, YOU DO NOT SUPPORT…

From Hello Giggles:

I’m frustrated that the mainstream media is covering this story like it’s any comeback story, like an exiled prince’s return to a former glory, like this is another political timeline — as though some rich and powerful old white men in the music business have not just issued an enormous ‘f**k you’ to every woman who has been, is or will be on the receiving end of domestic violence.

We should be furious.

Why aren’t we?

aka ‘my bff got me into this amazing blog thing and I CAN’T GET OFF’ *ironic choice of phrase*

So the Misanthropologist writes about a site called Tastebuds which pairs people up based on their similar tastes in music. WHAAAAAAT. You guys, my taste in music is not so great. It’s why I rely on people like jamieyk and lovedesignlife and minimoonstar to show me new awesome stuff. And even the good music that I like is not a reasonable indicator of what I want from a lover. The only guys I have met who love The National and Tori Amos and Regina Spektor are pretty aggressively gay. (Although I’m pretty sure Audie would be aggro no matter his sexuality, but I digress.) 

Now I’m wondering if it’s different for different sexualities. I’m pretty sure whatever gender or sexuality you prefer or identify with, this idea is fairly tone-deaf with regard to real human interaction. I wish you could get chatlogs.

(I seem to be a little misanthropic myself lately; may need a smoothie and/or a new project soon.)

So, given my hideously biased review, would YOU date a person based on musical preference?

Hipster vs. Artist: the War that DOESN’T EXIST

Watched the HitRECord livestream at Sundance last night with all possible glee and fangirlishness. Woke up angry this morning. Why? Because at every pop culture mass event I have ever been to, there’s always a douche who tries to start up the Hipster debate. Only this time Joe, a guy I usually trust to cut other people’s bullshit, actually gave him the mic. Unleashing a stream of wank about how ‘indie means flannel’ and ‘hipsters are those guys who dress like artists but don’t actually make anything’. Well what the fuck do artists dress like, then? Tell me so I can obey this instantly decoded norm. 

It’s been years since the word ‘hipster’ first reared its ugly head, and tbh I thought the word was pretty cool. I think it’s cool now. Why do people hate it so much? What do hipsters do that’s so bloody annoying?

Here are some things I have heard people say about hipsters. They dress in plaid and Converse and skinny jeans. They drink a beer called Pabst Blue Ribbon, and when they can’t get that they drink microbrews. They eat organic and buy funny stuff on Etsy or Urban Outfitters. They use Lomography cameras. Their flats are full of knitted octopodes (I always thought octopi was plural for octopus, but I was wrong) and indie comics and bicycle gear. They like farmer’s markets, secondhand bookshops, The National, Sigur Ros, Regina Spektor, and every French or Japanese film ever.

Dear artists: These are exactly the people you want buying your work. These people will obsessively collect your short films, your steampunk jewellery, your crocheted bags, your keychain fobs you made out of Sherlock chibis, and they will bypass the evil artist-screwing machine of Urban Outfitters for your handmade Doctor Who scarf. And you know what? You don’t have the right to sneer at them just because you made that scarf and they didn’t. Especially if they want to buy it from you.

My favourite uncle has a model rocket straight out of Tintin that he got for his birthday. He wears ironic t-shirts with Chairman Mao on them, Spiderman boxers, stovepipe jeans and Paul Smith trainers. He loves Hayao Miyazaki and Wong Kar-Wai films. He is responsible for getting me into Batman, Asterix, Tintin, Guy Delisle…is partly responsible, in fact, for me being an illustrator and especially an animator. He also runs an international travel agency that was recently featured in Conde Nast Traveller. Just because someone is a hipster and not an artist doesn’t mean they can’t get awesome shit done. So stop using words to define and deride a person’s entirety and get some of your own shit done.

This has been a rant. Thanks. And, um, sorry. I’ll post some fanart in a bit.


this is fun to read because it’s basically some dude saying rude, women’s-choices-are-all-made-for-the-benefit-of-men things

and then a short paragraph on why he is incorrect, and also sexist

One of my favourite ones was 

DUDE: wtf is with this new trend of girls looking like dudes, cut that shit out

Because last year I wore a leather harness thing with a turtleneck from the menswear collection of All Saints, and damn if I didn’t feel like a GQMF.

My New Year’s resolution: be a fucking GQMF as often as possible

Now if you’ll excuse me I’m off to buy waistcoats and bracers and pinstripe trousers.


Creative writing teacher commented that my final story for his class was an “implicit critique of masculinity” and that the male main character was unable to “deal effectively with women.”

because I made the ship’s captain a lady




Goddammit I take a break from packing to get some relaxing Tumblr time and some ass dissed one of my favourite artists? Not just some Internet troll—someone who grades her based on his own fucking outdated standards and warped POV. ALL THE RAGE


The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) is now training its guns on the anti-discrimination bill, saying the possible enactment of the bill into law would open the door for the legalization of same sex marriages.

Speaking at a weekly forum in Greenhills, San Juan City, on Wednesday, lawyers of the CBCP and a Catholic bishop hit the Senate for amending the previous version of the anti-discrimination bill or the Senate Bill 2814.

The Senate has recently passed on third reading the bill which is after penalizing all forms of discrimination.

The SB 2814, known as Anti-Ethnic, Racial or Religious Discrimination and Profiling Act of 2011, will be discussed by a bicameral conference committee tasked to harmonize the Senate bill with similar bills passed by the House.

Ronald Reyes, a lawyer of the CBCP, said they had no qualms about the bill before but became concerned when the bill was amended and “sex, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity” were included.

“It’s opening the door for same sex marriages, which our country doesn’t allow,” Reyes told reporters.

Read more here

Did you know that several bank branches in the Philippines, especially the provincial branches, have made it an unofficial policy to turn down loans to gay men? Because they’re considered frivolous spendthrifts? *tears hair* AAAGHHH I hate living in a non-secular country. Separation of Church and State!!!

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wow and oy!



This was written by Marion Brady, veteran teacher, administrator, curriculum designer and author.

By Marion Brady

A longtime friend on the school board of one of the largest school systems in America did something that few public servants are willing to do. He took versions of his state’s high-stakes standardized math and reading tests for 10th graders, and said he’d make his scores public.

By any reasonable measure, my friend is a success. His now-grown kids are well-educated. He has a big house in a good part of town. Paid-for condo in the Caribbean. Influential friends. Lots of frequent flyer miles. Enough time of his own to give serious attention to his school board responsibilities. The margins of his electoral wins and his good relationships with administrators and teachers testify to his openness to dialogue and willingness to listen.

He called me the morning he took the test to say he was sure he hadn’t done well, but had to wait for the results. A couple of days ago, realizing that local school board members don’t seem to be playing much of a role in the current “reform” brouhaha, I asked him what he now thought about the tests he’d taken.

“I won’t beat around the bush,” he wrote in an email. “The math section had 60 questions. I knew the answers to none of them, but managed to guess ten out of the 60 correctly. On the reading test, I got 62% . In our system, that’s a “D”, and would get me a mandatory assignment to a double block of reading instruction.

He continued, “It seems to me something is seriously wrong. I have a bachelor of science degree, two masters degrees, and 15 credit hours toward a doctorate.

“I help oversee an organization with 22,000 employees and a $3 billion operations and capital budget, and am able to make sense of complex data related to those responsibilities.

“I have a wide circle of friends in various professions. Since taking the test, I’ve detailed its contents as best I can to many of them, particularly the math section, which does more than its share of shoving students in our system out of school and on to the street. Not a single one of them said that the math I described was necessary in their profession.

“It might be argued that I’ve been out of school too long, that if I’d actually been in the 10th grade prior to taking the test, the material would have been fresh. But doesn’t that miss the point? A test that can determine a student’s future life chances should surely relate in some practical way to the requirements of life. I can’t see how that could possibly be true of the test I took.”

Here’s the clincher in what he wrote:

“If I’d been required to take those two tests when I was a 10th grader, my life would almost certainly have been very different. I’d have been told I wasn’t ‘college material,’ would probably have believed it, and looked for work appropriate for the level of ability that the test said I had.

“It makes no sense to me that a test with the potential for shaping a student’s entire future has so little apparent relevance to adult, real-world functioning. Who decided the kind of questions and their level of difficulty? Using what criteria? To whom did they have to defend their decisions? As subject-matter specialists, how qualified were they to make general judgments about the needs of this state’s children in a future they can’t possibly predict? Who set the pass-fail “cut score”? How?”

“I can’t escape the conclusion that decisions about the [state test] in particular and standardized tests in general are being made by individuals who lack perspective and aren’t really accountable.”

There you have it. A concise summary of what’s wrong with present corporately driven education change: Decisions are being made by individuals who lack perspective and aren’t really accountable.

Those decisions are shaped not by knowledge or understanding of educating, but by ideology, politics, hubris, greed, ignorance, the conventional wisdom, and various combinations thereof. And then they’re sold to the public by the rich and powerful.

All that without so much as a pilot program to see if their simplistic, worn-out ideas work, and without a single procedure in place that imposes on them what they demand of teachers: accountability.

But maybe there’s hope. As I write, a New York Times story by Michael Winerip makes my day. The stupidity of the current test-based thrust of reform has triggered the first revolt of school principals.

Winerip writes: “As of last night, 658 principals around the state (New York) had signed a letter — 488 of them from Long Island, where the insurrection began — protesting the use of students’ test scores to evaluate teachers’ and principals’ performance.”

One of those school principals, Winerip says, is Bernard Kaplan. Kaplan runs one of the highest-achieving schools in the state, but is required to attend 10 training sessions.

“It’s education by humiliation,” Kaplan said. “I’ve never seen teachers and principals so degraded.”

Carol Burris, named the 2010 Educator of the Year by the School Administrators Association of New York State, has to attend those 10 training sessions.

Katie Zahedi, another principal, said the session she attended was “two days of total nonsense. I have a Ph.D., I’m in a school every day, and some consultant is supposed to be teaching me to do evaluations.”

A fourth principal, Mario Fernandez, called the evaluation process a product of “ludicrous, shallow thinking. They’re expecting a tornado to go through a junkyard and have a brand new Mercedes pop up.”

My school board member-friend concluded his email with this: “I can’t escape the conclusion that those of us who are expected to follow through on decisions that have been made for us are doing something ethically questionable.”

He’s wrong. What they’re being made to do isn’t ethically questionable. It’s ethically unacceptable. Ethically reprehensible. Ethically indefensible.

How many of the approximately 100,000 school principals in the U.S. would join the revolt if their ethical principles trumped their fears of retribution? Why haven’t they been asked?

Worth it to read the whole thing!

Multiple choice tests are bullshit. Nothing is as simple as A, B, C or D.

I’m the opposite example, but with the same conclusion—I’ve always done excellently on standardised tests, but was miserable at coursework and, later, in real life. Perfect IQ or NSA test scores mean nothing—they just give you something else to beat yourself up over when you fail, and keep you from moving forward. Years later I met a guy who kept challenging me to take the same tests, only an internet version, as if a checklist were an accurate measure of how clever, or creative, or savvy a person was.

It’s what you do, or make; it’s how you live your life that really tells people who you are. Isn’t that a better message for kids getting ready for the world?

Hey, I didn’t know Genevieve Padalecki was pregnant! :D Go Jared!!! 

I certainly didn’t want to find out via fandom_wank. *buzzkill*

I never thought I’d stand on the side of those fanboys who point to slash or yaoi fans and say ‘Damn, they bitches crazy' but…oh my God. I'm very glad I've been hanging out in the non-rabid slash fandoms and didn't even know about the off-their-head J2 slashers. Even when I was reading a ton of J2 fic.

So yes, there’s a great J2 fandom…and then there are the other ones. Just like any other fandom I guess. Too bad they’re giving the rest of us slash fans a bad name =_=

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